NSA Transcode - Vantage

Run and manage complex media workflows using the power and flexibility of Telestream's Vantage.

vantage data flow.png


North Shore’s Transcode - Vantage middleware application allows submission and monitoring of Telestream Vantage jobs from a CatDV asset management system (CatDV Pro, Pegasus, or Web Client.) Users can view workflow progress and notifications without leaving the CatDV interface and administrators can allow users to run complicated workflows without giving them access to the Vantage server or dealing with media moves or copies to watch folders. The NSA Transcode - Vantage app deploys on a Worker Node (OS X, Win, or Linux deployment included with purchase) and then connect your Vantage workflows as you like.

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to initiate workflows from CatDV
    • No need to move media to drop folders
    • Reduces storage waste from media copies and increases efficiency by removing media copy time
  • Flexible Workflows
    • Send media paths and any CatDV metadata, (even sequences) to Vantage for processing
    • Enables Vantage to perform complex workflows based on asset metadata
    • Allows CatDV to trigger Vantage processing as part of multi-step workflows
  • Simple
    • No need for Vantage XML or other complex programming or command line scripting
  • Monitor Vantage workflows right from CatDV interface
    • Easier for less sophisticated users to engage and use workflows
    • Limit access to your Vantage system without creating a staff bottleneck where only certain users can manage workflow
    • View workflow progress, (percentage of completion) final status, and errors & notifications right in CatDV interface
    • Use CatDV Web Client for remote monitoring of operations
  • Shrink wrapped solution
    • Deployed by North Shore
    • No installation hassles
    • No custom coding needed to connect additional CatDV and Vantage workflows
    • Fully supported by North Shore


Example Workflow

From CatDV, select a workflow named "create-subclip" from a menu. NSA Transcode will send a source file path and pre-selected metadata such as an IN and OUT points and destination path, to Vantage, from CatDV, to enable creation of a small subclip in a different media format. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. CatDV-Vantage will allow you to monitor and manage complex Vantage workflows with ease.

If you have any questions regarding this product or how it may integrate into your workflow, please contact your reseller or JB&A.