End to End Distribution System


In modern media workflows, delivering what you’ve made is part of everyday work. But delivering media to multiple outlets, and even the process of preparing that media for delivery, can be complex and hard to manage. And the problem gets worse with every new outlet you add

You need a hub, for all your distribution needs. Let Dhub help you automate the process and make it easier to manage

Here’s how it works. Select a master file and choose your destinations in Dhub. Dhub automatically figures out the minimum number of versions of the master needed to fulfill the order, based on each destination’s specs. It checks your DAM to see if they are available, and If they’re not, Dhub automatically creates the correct version using your custom media profiles in Vantage. These versions are checked into the DAM for future use and then, Dhub uses one of its transfer agents to send the files to their respective destinations.

It logs all file actions and operations along the way,  and reports and status are viewable in Dhub’s easy to use interface or they can be exported for billing or reporting

Dhub can make file delivery as easy as point and click. Contact your CatDV reseller or North Shore Automation today to see how simple it can be.


Status dashboard

View the progress of all your deliveries in real time


Delivery Details

Easily track and monitor the individual transcodes and deliveries that make up a batch.


audit log

Details about every batch, transcode, destination and delivery are stored in a audit log.