VOD / OTT Media
Delivery System

Media distribution used to be much simpler. Final masters were sent to one or two outlets in one of a few tape formats. With the transition to digital, the complexity of preparing and delivering assets for VOD and OTT distribution has grown every year as platforms grow and multiply. In many cases, solutions designed for traditional broadcast have not kept pace with this industry-wide trend. Organizations often use, ad-hoc solutions, cobbled together with spreadsheets and other Band-Aids. The other alternative is an expensive service provider. Newer content creators may never have had the budget to automate or improve this process, due to the prohibitively high cost of traditional solutions. So for them the process is manual and loosely managed at best.

Dhub 2.0 is a solution designed specifically to meet today’s multi-platform distribution needs. It’s designed to help organizations manage the distribution of video media and metadata to Video On Demand (VOD) and OTT outlets, while also providing a single “source of truth” for so-called Title or Content Metadata. Dhub integrates with CatDV so it’s aware of all of your master files, as well as all of the “deliverable” or mezzanine versions of a master that may be required for each outlet.

How It Works - When you initiate a distribution job to a chosen outlet, Dhub checks its Title database for all the necessary metadata for the delivery and transforms it to the outlet’s spec. It then checks CatDV for the correct version/format of the media file/s for that outlet. If the correct deliverable version of a file is not ready in CatDV, the designated master file is sent to your Telestream Vantage media processing platform for transcoding or other processing. Dhub delivers an end-to-end media management and distribution solution for modern content creators and owners.

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Title Metadata Management

Store programming metadata for all your titles and outlets in Dhub for easy search and management. Get rid of spreadsheets and duplication of work and keep all of your critical distribution process info in one easy to access system.

Job Status

View the progress of all your deliveries in real time

Dhub_-_delivery_profiles 8-19.png

Delivery Profiles

Add delivery profiles and transfer agents to support any VOD and OTT outlet


Capabilities include:

  • Store and manage distribution metadata for all your content titles

  • Integrate with CatDV to store and access your media assets

  • One-click delivery to all the major distribution platforms

  • Media versioning / conversion with Telestream Vantage

  • Create CableLabs compliant XML

  • Collect package elements for platform delivery

  • Automatically notify recipients via email

  • Create custom reports

  • Track your delivery process from end to end

Supported Platforms

  • Amazon Video

    • US, Global, Mex

  • AT&T / Direct TV

  • Brightcove

  • Charter

  • Comcast

  • Comcast Channel Store

  •  Cox

  • Frontier

  • Google

  •  iTunes (TV)

  • Midwest / Hoopla

  • MSN Video

  • Ooyala

  • Roku

  • Spectrum

  • The Platform - MPX

  • Twitter

  • Verizon

  • Vimeo

  • YouTube

  • Or create your own custom profiles

Transfer Methods

  • Aspera

  • File System Move/Copy

  • FTP

  • mRSS

  • S3 Publish

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