NSA AI - Content Analysis Toolkit

Tag content, extract text, identify faces, locations, and more, using Artificial Intelligence from industry leaders

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are poised to change the world. News and trade publications are consistent in how AI and Machine Learning are becoming essential and that businesses need to have a strategy for implementing these new technologies. North Shore Automation is recognized as a solution leader, providing cutting edge products and services for its clients around the world.

Introducing the Content Analysis Toolkit from North Shore Automation, a set of applications and workflows that allow you to tag your content, extract text, identify faces, locations, and more, using artificial intelligence technology from some of the world’s leaders in cloud computing.

Here are some of the capabilities available today, either as a one-time service, or a perpetual license.

Features & Benefits

  • Keywording
    • Identify keywords within content, ranging from modes of transportation to animals.
  • Face Detection & Recognition
    • Detect faces within content, including key data like emotional state (smiling, happy) or wearing headwear.
    • Facial Recognition is available using a library of known celebrities, or add your own custom detectors right from your DAM.
    • Optical Character Recognition
      • Detect and extract text from images, across many languages, along with support for auto language identification.
  • Logo Detection
    • Detect popular product logos
  • Shrink wrapped solution
    • Deployed by North Shore
    • No installation hassles
    • Fully supported
    • No custom coding or development needed to start and thanks to machine learning, the capabilities grow each day
  • Future Proof & Expandable
    • NSA has machine learning expertise in-house
    • If you need a custom solution for detection, contact NSA for a quote or consultation


Example WorkFlows and Use Cases

  • Quickly and inexpensively tag existing image archives with base metadata

    • Organizations with large untagged image archives can quickly establish a base organizational structure and keywording for future and more complete management

  • Identify and recognize faces in content

    • Scan and look for founders, important executives, political leaders, or players/coaches in content libraries using North Shore’s easy and fast detector creation

  • Logo ID

    • Identify sponsor (or non-approved) logo placement in content


Click the images below for examples


Contact North Shore Automation or your CatDV reseller to launch your media operations into the future, today.