Fast & Easy Media Sharing


The Hawaiian word for automatic

Akomi is a simple web portal designed to share selected assets from your CatDV DAM system to a large audience of users, with minimal training and deployment. Designed to enable quick viewing, sharing, and downloading of your assets by people inside and outside of your organization, Akomi can take your DAM that critical last mile.

It's often a challenge to get less technical users to use your DAM. Akomi offers an easy way to access your content.  With no per-user license cost, you can share to hundreds of users from a single Akomi server with no additional fees.  Share assets with everyone.

Customizable to maintain your brand, Akomi's responsive design is viewable on mobile, tablet and all modern browser platforms.

Host Akomi on your server, on premises, or scale it globally by hosting in Amazon or another cloud host. Keep your DAM safely inside your firewall and let Akomi serve selected assets to the outside.

Akomi was designed to extend the reach of your CatDV investment. Reach out to your CatDV dealer today to arrange a demo of Akomi.


Share your hard work.
Akomi makes sharing your assets effortless.  Whether inside your organization, or to users across the globe, adding Akomi as the forward-facing piece of your digital asset management strategy allows a simplified look into what your team has been creating.  Share cuts for review and approval (and track responses), or make a library of content available to anyone you choose.


Make distribution self-service.
Reduce turn-around time and needless email and phone calls by making access to your assets, self-service. Akomi’s Library allows users to access clips with easy guided browsing or powerful search tools. Publish multiple versions of a clip and let users choose their resolution for download. Access full res masters via download, ftp, or other transfer solution. No more tapes, DVD’s or drives and no more wasted time fulfilling media requests. Offer instant access with Akomi.

Securely share media and playlists

Review & Approve clips directly from the inbox


Review & Approve
Akomi makes rough cuts as painless as they will ever be. “Have you seen the latest cut?”“Can you send me the last version of that piece?” Make these questions a thing of the past with Akomi’s Review & Approval Inbox. Team members are emailed automatically when new assets are added to their inbox. Users can create markers, make comments or simply click an approve or reject button. Their responses are logged, and (if enabled) written back to your CatDV system.

Organize and Re-organize
Often you need to store assets in one way for production use, but display them in a completely different way for distribution or review and approval. You can publish selected assets from CatDV catalogs and re-organize them in Akomi. Simplify viewing for end users while keeping your CatDV system focused on supporting production.

Akomi’s organization & easy search capabilities give you a way to present a public facing view of the key assets for a project to those users who may not be familiar with your internal media layout. For a completely curated experience, you can even create a custom playlist and email it to a client. Distribute media with Akomi while keeping your asset management system organized just the way you like it.

Your security is tight, as it should be. 
Many systems require you to open your primary DAM server to the internet to share via the web. Adding Akomi to your system allows you to share to the web while keeping your DAM safely behind the firewall.

Host as securely as you need.
Host on a local server, or in the cloud. Akomi lets you choose. Akomi can be hosted in a myriad of configurations so that you can design the level of security you need. Host it on your DAM server hardware (Mac, Windows or Linux) or keep Akomi on it’s own private server, the choice is yours.

If you need to utilize the power of the cloud, Akomi can run on Amazon Web Services or many other cloud systems.


Control access.
Access control can be a challenge in any asset management system. Akomi let’s you share selected assets to a wider user base while keeping your DAM secure. Select assets from CatDV catalogs and publish them into Akomi’s media groups. Assign user access right in your browser or share assets securely via time-limited expiring links. Akomi gives you complete control over your media.


Akomi & CatDV

An Unbeatable Combination
Akomi was specifically developed to extend CatDV Pro. It's designed to help you share your CatDV assets to a large user base quickly and easily.  Click to watch our CatDV & Akomi webinar.