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North Shore Automation (NSA) are Digital Asset Management pros.  From consulting and design, to innovative software and solutions, their reputation and experience speak for themselves.

To date, North Shore Automation has engaged in over 150 deployments and bring expertise encompassing many verticals. North Shore products and services are used in:

  • Broadcasting / Production

    • 9 major broadcast networks

      • Dozens of regional broadcasters

      • Production companies from small to large, coast to coast

  • Corporate / Institutional

    • 17 Fortune 500 companies

    • Organizations across all verticals:

      • YouTube content creators

      • Faith-based organizations

      • NGOs and charities

      • Manufacturing

      • Education

      • Government agencies and municipalities

  • Sports

    • 12 professional sports teams

      • Including World Series and Super Bowl Champions

    • 6 NFL teams

    • 3 MLB teams

    • 2 NBA teams

    • 7  NCAA athletics programs

  • And More...

Offering software such as Akomi, Dhub, and middlewareDAM consulting and deployment, and world-class software development services. North Shore has your end to end solution.



The North Shore suite of applications was created to bridge the gaps in complex MAM workflows and enable teams to provide more, and better, content to feed the multiple media outlets that today’s broadcasters and producers must service.

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Additionally, NSA offers custom programming services. So that, if the solution isn’t available off the shelf, we can create a solution tailored to your needs. This is critical when mixing multiple hardware and software solutions as is common in a modern workflow. We work closely with software and hardware manufacturers to develop solutions that compliment and enhance their already stellar products. Additionally our dealer network throughout the US and beyond allows us to give clients access to world-class programming and services while retaining the reseller of their choice to manage their project.

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North Shore Automation is a company rooted deeply in the reality of today’s production landscape, with an eye to the future. We look forward to helping you streamline your workflow today.