NSA Archive - AWS S3 & Glacier

Migrate your media to the Amazon Cloud with our AWS archiving application.

AWS S3 Topology

Ease of Use

  • Archive assets from CatDV to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) and Glacier.
    • Archive, Restore and Delete archived clips, right from the CatDV Pro interface or Web Client
    • Search for a clip in CatDV, view the proxy and retrieve it from S3 or Glacier without leaving the CatDV interface
    • Glacier restores are queued and monitored until complete
  • Standalone application
    • Not dependent on worker node process for archive operations
  • Archive & restore in the background
    • CatDV Worker Node and the CatDV-AWS app work in concert to archive and restore clips in the background while you continue to work in CatDV Pro
  • Batch job submission from CatDV Worker Node
    • Send batches of jobs by total file size or time value to ease the load on your Worker Nodes. All upload and restore batches are monitored until completion.

      Fast and resilient

      • High-speed batch job submission
        • Single worker action can queue multiple files for archive in one operation
        • Uses CatDV REST API to ensure speed and reliability
      • Archive automatically based on CatDV metadata
        • Actions may be setup to automatically archive clips with specific metadata. Ex. All clips marked “Delivered” will be sent automatically to Amazon.
      • View summarized logs in CatDV upon job completion
        • Get detailed archive job info without leaving the CatDV Pro interface.
      • Detailed error collection & reporting
        • Problems can arise from time to time in even the best automations. When they do, you’ll get notification of errors and warnings and then access clear troubleshooting information through CatDV-AWS’s detailed logs

      Advanced Features

      • User selectable AWS Buckets in CatDV Pro
        • Organize your cloud archives as well as you manage your local assets
          • On asset by asset basis*
        • Multipart uploads
          • Multiple concurrent upload streams
          • Tuneable chunk size to maximize upload speed & efficiency
        • No dedicated S3 account needed
          • Extremely restricted access policy
          • Only requires restricted user on your amazon account

        * Single bucket per asset, multiple buckets for a single asset not supported at this time