NSA Archive - SGL FlashNet

When you combine the strength and intelligence of both Flashnet and CatDV Server’s web service APIs, you get feedback and speed unheard of in most other DAM/archive integrations.


SGL Broadcast’s Flashnet archiving systems are well known & loved by broadcasters worldwide. Connect the enterprise power of Flashnet and CatDV with our CatDV2Flashnet application. When you combine the strength & intelligence of both Flashnet and CatDV Server’s web service API’s, you get feedback and speed unheard of in most other DAM/archive integrations.

With a click of the mouse, send assets from CatDV quickly and securely into a FlashNet archive. View assets, search metadata, archive and restore to/from your FlashNet archive right in CatDV Pro’s easy to use interface. Under the hood, North Shore delivers all the speed you expect from FlashNet by connecting to CatDV Server utilizing CatDV’s blazing fast REST API.  This powerful integration delivers the reliability and virtually infinite scalability of FlashNet with the world-class search and organization abilities offered by CatDV.


Archive, restore and delete Archived Clips, right from the CatDV Pro Interface or Web client 

Search for a clip in CatDV, view the proxy and retrieve it from the archive without leaving the CatDV interface

Archive & Restore in the background

CatDV Worker Node and the CatDV2FlashNet app work in concert to archive and restore clips in the background while you continue to work in CatDV Pro

archive automatically based on catdv metadata 

Actions may be set up to automatically archive clips with specific metadata. Ex. All clips marked “Delivered” will be sent automatically to FlashNet archive

no duplication of clips

If a clip exists in the Archive, the asset is skipped without interrupting operations, saving time and storage

flashnet job status is constantly updated in Catdv during archive operations

No more waiting to get job status info

view summarized flashnet logs in catdv upon job completion

Get detailed archive job info without leaving the CatDV Pro interface

detailed error collection & Reporting 

Problems can arise from time to time in even the best automations. When they do, you’ll get notification of errors and warnings and then access clear troubleshooting information through CatDV2FlashNet’s detailed logs 

select sgl volume groups in catdv pro to further organize your archives or access multiple archive storage systems (Disk, tape, etc)

CatDV2FlashNet groups jobs intelligently to speed archive operations and reduce tape load and seek times

batch job submission from catdv 

Send batches of jobs by total file size or time value to ease the load on your Worker Nodes while reducing tape load and seek times