CatDV System Design & Deployment

North Shore are the premiere CatDV experts


Media Asset Management (MAM) has traditionally been only for the enterprise. The price, coupled with the complexity of deploying a solution kept MAM systems out of the reach of most companies. Squarebox Systems’ CatDV Enterprise Server helped change that. But often in the beginning of a project, the focus is on the sales process. Detailed workflow planning, documentation and integration are left to be “figured out” by the end users.

This is often compounded by the fact that CatDV may be deployed by teams who have strong IT or video backgrounds, but little experience with the technologies and methodologies used in the typical MAM system. North Shore’s team of experts works with your CatDV reseller to ensure that the system deployed meets every need, on time, on budget.

The team at North Shore Automation has more combined experience than anyone deploying CatDV systems today. We have dozens of pre-designed workflows to help you quickly get up and running right away. Got a reseller you love working with? NSA partners with resellers throughout the US to bring advanced solutions to their clients.

Our Services 

Discovery consulting 

What are your goals? What problems do you hope to solve with this solution? Our experts can connect with your team and provide consultation & documentation outlining problems and proposed solutions to help get you on the right path.

Pre-purchase solution design

Why buy a system before you have a plan? By engaging with the professionals at NSA you can ensure that the components you choose will be tailored to your needs by defining those needs before you purchase. It sounds simple and logical but we find that many organizations over or under buy when it comes to MAM systems. Much is made of the “try before you buy” aspect of CatDV’s demo license, and while this is a great way to evaluate CatDV in some cases. Many companies waste precious time getting a demo system running instead of evaluating performance and workflow on a pre-configured system or having experts show you the most commonly used workflows for your vertical. Let NSA help you start your system design before you ever spend a dollar on licenses.

proof of concept

If you are not sure if a solution will perform in your environment, let NSA assist you with testing and evaluating a workflow. Whether in your environment through a timed demo or on one of our cloud-based development servers, we can help you get a real-world view of your proposed workflows.


NSA offers packaged services to get you up and running, for a fixed price, in record time. Why learn how to deploy a DAM system? We believe creative professionals should be using these tools, not building them. Your IT department may already be taxed, why add to their workload? NSA can configure your system, document it and then hand off to your staff for management. Or engage us for full service system support. Our detailed scope of work documentation guarantees that you have a clear plan and no surprises when the job is done.


CatDV is an amazing and complex piece of software with many different uses. Seldom does every user need to use or understand every feature. Because we know our clients’ workflows front to back, NSA can offer real-world training for your users based on their role in the workflow instead of a generic training package on the complete system. That way your users can get out of the class room and back to work as quickly as possible. Of course more technical users can dive deep with our tech staff in advanced sessions, if needed as well.

Custom development

That missing link that every shop seems to need? NSA’s custom software and programming can provide it. Whether you need to deliver assets & meta-data between systems, migrate data from a legacy system, tie CatDV to your web CMS or want something that no one’s even dreamed of, our team of developers have the answers for you. North Shore even has a menu of CatDV-centric applications designed to solve many of the common challenges that face organizations deploying a MAM in a networked world.


You’ve got it all together, everyone is trained, now what do you do when a new hire shows up or you have to explain your system to clients or partners? NSA’s clear and professional documentation can help you articulate where and how your data moves.

System/workflow Optimization

Maybe you have a system that’s up and running but want to extend its capabilities. Perhaps you feel you haven’t quite tapped into CatDV’s full potential. Or you’re ready to really automate your workflow and experience the full power of CatDV’s automation capabilities. North Shore can work with you and your reseller to help you get the most out of your system.

Don’t get stuck wasting time with a “do it yourself” MAM, contact NSA today and let us assist you with your CatDV project.