NSA Archive - AWS S3 & Glacier

Migrate your media to the Amazon Cloud with our AWS archiving application.

AWS S3 Topology

Ease of Use

  • Archive assets from CatDV to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) and Glacier.
    • Archive, Restore and Delete archived clips, right from the CatDV Pro interface or Web Client
    • Search for a clip in CatDV, view the proxy and retrieve it from S3 or Glacier without leaving the CatDV interface
    • Glacier restores are queued and monitored until complete
  • Standalone application
    • Not dependent on worker node process for archive operations
  • Archive & restore in the background
    • CatDV Worker Node and the CatDV-AWS app work in concert to archive and restore clips in the background while you continue to work in CatDV Pro
  • Batch job submission from CatDV Worker Node
    • Send batches of jobs by total file size or time value to ease the load on your Worker Nodes while reducing tape load and seek times.

      Fast and resilient

      • High-speed batch job submission
        • Single worker action can queue multiple files for archive in one operation
        • Uses CatDV REST API to ensure speed and reliability
      • Archive automatically based on CatDV metadata
        • Actions may be setup to automatically archive clips with specific metadata. Ex. All clips marked “Delivered” will be sent automatically to Amazon.
      • View summarized logs in CatDV upon job completion
        • Get detailed archive job info without leaving the CatDV Pro interface.
      • Detailed error collection & reporting
        • Problems can arise from time to time in even the best automations. When they do, you’ll get notification of errors and warnings and then access clear troubleshooting information through CatDV-AWS’s detailed logs

      Advanced Features

      • User selectable AWS Buckets in CatDV Pro
        • Organize your cloud archives as well as you manage your local assets
          • On asset by asset basis*
        • Multipart uploads
          • Multiple concurrent upload streams
          • Tuneable chunk size to maximize upload speed & efficiency
        • No dedicated S3 account needed
          • Extremely restricted access policy
          • Only requires restricted user on your amazon account

        * Single bucket per asset, multiple buckets for a single asset not supported at this time